How To Adjust a Pressure Switch

In this video, we are going to show you how to adjust or change the pressure settings of a Pressure Switch.

For this example, we are using a PEARL brand pressure switch.

As always follow all safety precautions when working with any water pumps, water pump accessories, or water pump components. This procedure should be done by a certified technician.

We will begin by removing the cover from the pressure switch. Turn the nut counterclockwise. Remove the cover and flip it over. There you will find the pressure switch settings. In this particular case, the pressure switch is pre-configured with cut-on at 30 PSI and cut-off once the pressure reaches 50 PSI.

0:47 How Does a Pressure Switch Work? Here we have highlighted the pressure gauge and switch for easy understanding. Typically, every system works in the following manner: when the system opens, the pressure begins to decrease until it reaches the cut-on point, at which point the switch connects and the pump starts running. Once there is no more demand, the pressure will increase again until it reaches the cut-off point, which causes the switch to disconnect and the pump to turn off.

1:03 How to Adjust a Pressure Switch There are some instances where you may need to change the settings for the pressure gauge. To do so, follow these instructions: First, you will notice there are two springs – a tall one, which is used to adjust the range, and a short one, that can be used to adjust the cut-off PSI – or Pounds Per Square Inch. In most cases, you only need to adjust the range. In this specific example, we will move the cut-on/cut-off range from 30-50 PSI to 40-60 PSI.

Follow these steps:

1) Disconnect the power.

2) Turn the nut on the tall spring clockwise, approximately three full turns (Note: the number of turns may vary depending on your pump installation, the pump model, tank, piping, and so forth).

3) Reconnect the power and test the unit. You may need to repeat this process several times until you get the desired configuration.

If you want to change the PSI range from 40-60 to 50-70 PSI, just repeat the same procedure above.

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Please remember before manipulating an electric water system to:

– Always read the manufacturer’s product manual

– All electrical connections and checks must be done by a certified electrician and comply with applicable local standard

– Danger: electric shock risk. When Installing or adjusting an electrical system make sure that all plugs and cables are disconnected from the power outlet –

Installation of electrical water systems should be done by certified professionals.